OEM & ODM Service

Valve World Services has been a long time valve OEM/ODM service provider for many world class companies. In today’s hyper competitive market, high quality and fair price have become equally important key factors for winning market share. Customers are becoming more and more “value conscious” rather than “brand royal”. At Valve World Services, we can help you design and manufacture equally high quality valves at much lower cost to achieve your end customers’ satisfactions. With a top notch R&D team, state of art equipments and well educated and experienced work force, our customers keep coming back to us for OEM and ODM services.

Valve OEM/ODM service general requirements:

1. Please provide valve general assembly drawing / manufacturing drawing / design characters.

1. Please provide specifications and quantity.

2. Please provide a clear logo.

3. Please provide format of label/name plate.

4. Please provide painting requirements.

5. Please provide packaging requirements and shipping mark.


Sales Support

Our service team will deliver the consistently high standards of service and personal attention that are required to ensure we satisfy your needs.

At Valve World Services, our management philosophy is to create a close working partner and supplier relationship. The result is a more efficient interface and an improved service for all our customers.

Valve World Services is much more than just an equipment supplier to our customers. Our particular emphasis on combining high quality valves with additional features to meet customers specific needs coupled with a dedicated customer service will help to reduce your costs by providing a higher standard of customer care.

Project Management

Our highly trained and experienced project management personnel liaises closely with customers and suppliers to ensure effective control of your project needs.

Document Control

Accuracy, efficiency and clarity are the keystone to our completion of a successful supply in a timely manner.

Over many years we have developed a strategic network of approved suppliers.

Every supplier is thoroughly vetted before being added to the Approved Vendor List (AVL), to meet our exacting standards, and enable us to ensure the continued quality of our products and services. To maintain these standards, the AVL is monitored constantly, and we regularly assess each supplier against critical targets in quality, delivery performance and cost.

Our procurement team uses the AVL as an active tool to develop our supply base. We pride ourselves in operating in an open and transparent way with all our partners, which has resulted in successful long-term relationships.